Tired of "starting again tomorrow" ? 

Want to lose weight for life ?

Stop dieting!


I'll show you how. When you work with me, you'll learn to...

  • Stop sabotaging your weight loss
  • Change the habits that hold you back
  • Drop the 'diet' mentality and build the positive mindset you need to succeed
  • Make your weight loss journey easier, more fun and more sustainable

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Understand Your Habits.

Transform your Thinking.

Live More Life.

Ask yourself these questions:

"Am I living the best version of my life?"

"Is there something missing or more that I'd like to have?"

"Is there something I've always wanted to achieve and not yet done?"

You have the power within you to make incredible transformations and achieve your life goals.


Instead, you always end up sabotaging your own efforts.


Your regular life just keeps getting in the way.


You just settle instead of driving towards the life of your dreams.


I will help you change that.

We expect elite athletes and business leaders alike to have coaches. Why can't you?

By working with me, you'll have the ultimate opportunity to transform your mind and your life.

My coaching will help identify and build your strengths and discover the habits that hold you back.


You'll get someone on your team committed to your success, who believes in you (even when you don't), who will hold you accountable and help you achieve the results you want.

No cost, No obligation.

I will help you achieve success across three core areas:​

  • Health

    The way we eat, the way we move, and the way we think can have powerful consequences for our health.


    Even small improvements can have lasting benefits.


    I can help you take control of your health, master your mindset and follow through on all of those 'get healthier' intentions.

  • Weight Loss

    It's not that you don't know what to do - you've tried many times to lose weight, but it never lasts.


    What you're missing is the mindset.


    Mindset is the key to building and sustaining consistent long-term success.


    I can help you unlock your strengths, achieve your goals, and maintain them naturally and easily. 


    You'll learn to stop overeating, stop self-sabotaging, and take control of your success.

  • Happiness

    You're successful, have nice things, have relationships that matter to you, but it always feels like there should be something more.


    I can help you create the abundance you want, gain clarity in your thinking and help you let go of the habits that no longer serve you.


    I will put you back in charge of creating the life you want.

Are you ready to Live More Life?

It's time to break down the barriers and start moving forward. I will help you clarify the goals that really matter, tap into your deep motivation and help you choose the simple, practical actions that will meet and sustain them.

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See what some of my clients have to say:

The system works!

I was lucky enough to be a part of Brian's course. Since the program I have reduced my weight every week. The weekly lessons helped me to answer those questions I didn't know I needed answering. Brian gave me the tools to put the brakes on the roller coaster ride I was on. I totally recommend Brian's Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss course.

Chris T

September 2018

It's so empowering!

Since doing this course, my weight is going down, and it's the happiest I've ever felt about my body.

Faizey G

September 2018.

I know I will never go back to how I was.

Because of what I've learned, and the changes I've experienced in just 5 weeks, I can see a clear path ahead to a new life with new habits that will serve me for the long term.

Judy R

April 2019

It is Amazing what I achieved in just 5 weeks.

The course fulfilled all your promises, and our 1:1 session and your personal support was particularly useful throughout the course. Although the course is aimed at weight loss, it improved other areas of my life too. I now have a much better understanding of my relationship with others, and how they enrich my life. Thank You Brian.

Jean B

August 2019.

I have made lots of simple changes I would never have thought of.

SSYWL helps you find out why you overeat, so you can change it. Brian is extremely helpful and you get so much more out of the course doing the homework. For me the most surprising result is that there can now be an open block of chocolate in the fridge for over a week (rather than it never even making the fridge in the first place).

Nigel W

August 2019

I have had the pleasure of receiving coaching by Brian and can honestly say the quality of what he offers, and the power of how he deep dives into mindsets has already brought positive results in both my weight loss and my thinking. I cannot recommend Brian enough.

Tiffany Wann

Founder & Director

Outstanding Women Leaders

I originally came to you to help with weight loss, but I came to realise what I really needed was (a lot of) help with my mental state. In the time we’ve been working together I’ve grown so much, and am endlessly grateful for the much more enjoyable life I’m now living.

Sally Gamer

Product Architect

Easy Roommate

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