Stop Sabotaging your Weight Loss!

Overcome emotional eating and drinking in 35 days and get off the Weight Loss roller coaster.

(without the shonky quick fix diet, white-knuckled willpower or hopeless deprivation)

Are you sick of the endless "on again, off again" weight loss cycle?

If you've tried to lose weight before - then you already know about eating healthy choices and moving more - and chances are, you've already committed significant resources towards taking charge of your health and well-being. You just keep getting 'tripped up'.


So I know you're just looking to stop wasting time, energy (and money) on plans that you don't consistently follow, gyms you don't go to, and quick fixes that you already know don't work. You want to get on with living your life, enjoying your food and taking care of your responsibilities so you can honour that commitment to be your best healthy self.


You already know that you need to stop sneaking in (or outright binge-eating) those unhealthy extras and grabbing that all-to-easy takeaway, so often.

You know you need to stop beating yourself up and start nurturing yourself.

You know you need to get back on track, get that consistency and create healthier routines you can actually live with.


So I'll spare you Spiel. You know...


If you could just get some help to get this emotional eating thing under control... or

If you could just get some help to get past the self-judgement and self-doubt... or

If you could just get some help to to manage the overwhelm and the 'crisis' triggers that derail your efforts...


You'd go all the way to your goal and create the healthy lifestyle you desire.

Here's what you might not know:

Getting in control of your sabotaging habits (those unconscious reactions to your emotional triggers) can...



Repetitive losing and gaining of weight (Yo-yo dieting, or weight cycling) has been shown to have negative health impacts (like increasing risk factors for heart disease and increased likelihood of future weight gain). It can also deliver a big blow to your self-esteem and self-worth, increasing the risk of depression. Imagine breaking free of that constraint and actually getting rid of the weight, for good, in a way you enjoy.



Just a few weeks of healthy dietary changes can produce measurable improvements in many health markers. Small changes can add up to big results.



When you're no longer undermining your success and letting yourself down, you can actually follow through and achieve your goals in a sustainable way. Imagine finally seeing yourself as the you you want to be. You might even get famous in your inner circle of family, friends and colleagues as the one who actually did it!



Chances are you developed these unhealthy emotional eating habits because they were modelled for you. You were taught (by your upbringing, society or culture) that turning to food and drink was the answer. You can change that! You can learn new ways (that work better) and set an example for your family and friends. Research shows that when one person changes their behaviour, the people around them change. You can be the inspiration that shows them what's possible and set you (and them) up for a lifetime of success.


FREE UP YOUR TIME (so you can get on with your life)

Imagine if you were able to free up all of the time, energy and effort that currently goes into obsessing about what to eat, what to wear and what people are thinking about you. Imagine freeing up the time that your spending on emotional eating/drinking, beating yourself up over your choices and trying to get 'back on track'. You could allocate that time to doing more of the things you love and living more of the life you want.



Research shows that the stress and anxiety about poor food choices and/or weight actively uses up working memory capacity - even when working on other tasks. Getting in control of your sabotaging habits can free your mind to pursue more creative and productive endeavours - create ore amazing results and actually live your life.

Even though the reasons for overcoming emotional eating and drinking are crystal clear - the process for doing so (in any long-term way) is anything but.

Stop the Self-Sabotage?

Sounds Great!

How the heck do I do that...?


You've been bold, you've decided that 'this time is the time' that you're finally going to lose the weight for good. You've looked around at the various options and decided to choose something that's worked (at least a little) before, or that's all about creating the lifestyle you want. You've declared that 'enough is enough', summoned your courage and asked for help.


Maybe you've even started to create some momentum, you're making some healthier choices and are starting to make more conscious decisions (you've packed that salad for lunch and got the dog out for a walk a few times - everything is going great.


But then, despite your best intentions, something happens - there's a 'crisis' at work, or someone gets sick or you just get stressed and overwhelmed. You're too busy taking care of too many things...and so the food awareness drifts, the shopping and planning ahead didn't get done, there's nothing in the fridge... and who care's anyway, 'cause it's all too much...


You're back in the drive thru picking up that takeaway (cause it's easy), or picking up that family sized block of chocolate (to 'share'), pouring that extra glass of wine, skimping on sleep (even though you're exhausted) and collapsing on the couch to binge watch the show you just found on Netflix.


Here's where most people fail:

Without a proven method of managing the emotional turmoil, without a clear, step-by-step process for changing those habits into healthy new ones, and without knowing how to access support from others who have been there... you're left on your own, none the wiser.


You're left with beating yourself up for not being 'strong' enough, hoping you'll hit rock bottom enough to 'force yourself' to start again tomorrow, or next week, or next month. It's exhausting


Pretty soon you've given up on your hopes of success (again!) and are simply destined to repeat the same cycle...putting your healthy life and healthy weight off into the endlessly elusive 'Someday'.


You can break out though:

Your life matters. You've got dreams you want to fulfil, you've got an important role to play - you deserve to have a life of fun, enjoyment and meaning.


You could take the opportunity that most don' could succeed where most fail.


You could try something you've never done before. You could realise that the answer is not in the fridge or in that exercise class.


What if you stopped looking for answers outside and got guidance on how to transform your thinking - you could learn the ways to harness the potential of your brain (instead of being enslaved to those unconscious unhealthy habits). You could stop your emotional eating and drinking once and for all.


That is...if you don't fall into one of the self-destructive mindset traps that keep most people from their dreams.




( and how you can get out of them )

#1: I don't have time to look after myself - I'm too busy!

#2: I'm not worth looking after - other peoples needs are more important!

#3: I'm not disciplined enough - I have no self-control!

#4: I already know how to do it - I just need more willpower!'s a secret

I've learned from over 12 years in the weight loss industry

The secrets to successful weight loss are pretty simple; eat slightly less overall, cut back on unhealthy treats, eat more vegetables, move a little more. You may not need a complex program or 'diet' to do that. The real secret to sustained healthy weight loss is to understand, and actually solve, the underlying reasons why you were over-consuming in the first place!


Now, there's no need for massive psycho-analysing. The motivations to overeat are reasonably simple and generally well understood. You've been creating habits all of your life - it's just that some of them are no longer helping. The answer is in re-training your habits by re-training your brain. It's about learning new ways to manage your emotions.


It's not that the weight loss industry doesn't want you to succeed - (although yes, there are some unethical players just trying to cash in) - the majority of businesses out there genuinely want you to succeed. They're driven by people who have succeeded themselves or they know that creating a lasting reputation for success is key to attracting new (and returning) customers. There's a multi-billion dollar industry built around helping people eat healthier and move more - and they know that if you go off track that you'll probably be back again.


Either they don't know how to teach you these mindset shifts, or they don't have time to spend with you helping you learn it - it's not scalable for the mass market - because these are personal skills. It's not a 'quick fix' (even if the transformation can happen pretty quickly in the scheme of things). Getting to understand your thinking and getting a new perspective on experiencing your emotions can be taught though - and getting this right can mean it's a permanent solution.


Few people like to admit that they're not on top of their emotional life, so they're running around more stressed than ever, binging on whatever 'comfort' is available to them, and beating themselves up about their 'lack of willpower' - it only leads to powerlessness, depression and defeat.


But if you can realise that there's a huge opportunity here to do something different, to decide that you are worth looking after and seek out a new level of emotional ownership, then you can step off the weight loss roller coaster forever.


You can learn to Stop Sabotaging your Weight Loss


And with your permission, that's exactly what I'd LOVE to show you how to do.


I've taken the Key Insights I've learned from 10 years of seeing what works (and what doesn't) in the weight loss industry, as well as well as the skills I've personally used to maintain my 50 Kg (over 110 lbs) weight loss for over 10 years. I've condensed those skills into step-by-step lessons that build a new way of thinking that you can use to successfully complete your weight loss journey. Furthermore, I'll guide you through the Implementation of these skills as you practice them. 


It's not just Information - it's practical, liveable, integration into your real life.


Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss is a program that teaches you how to manage your thoughts and feel your emotions in a way that puts YOU back in control. It's built in step-by-step stages so that no part becomes overwhelming. It's designed to give you the confidence to Completely and Permanently overcome emotional eating. Along the way, you'll create new healthier habits that work better for you  and ultimately (with practice) become effortless.


The end result: New skills, no more need to overeat or overdrink, and you're back in charge of achieving your weight loss goals, and keeping them!  

Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Reveals the Truth

You have the time, you have control, you have the willpower and discipline. You just need help learning how to connect with them and use them to move towards you goals instead of away from them (with a technique you can learn in around 30 minutes).


Builds Self-Confidence

Following the daily exercises will reveal your powerful force as the creator of your life experience and build up a series of 'I really can do this' moments.


Supports Your Transformation

You'll never feel like you're in this on your own. I'm here with you all the way. You'll get a 1:1 personal coaching session with me, access to my private student Facebook Group, weekly live Q&As and email support.

Here's how it all comes together

Module 1: Generating Awareness of Habits and Thoughts

Module 2: Feeling feelings and responding differently.

Module 3: Training the alternatives to Self-Sabotage.

Module 4: Changing the Relationships (with yourself and others).

Module 5: Make peace with your Past & create the Future you want.

Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss is the Step-by-step course for people who are COMMITTED to finally overcoming the emotional overeating and overdrinking.

I believe that using the techniques will be absolutely life-altering for you(as it already has been for me and my students). As you learn the lessons and practice the skills you'll discover that you no longer need to solve emotional issues with food and drink. You'll develop a new understanding and new strengths as you realise that you really can face any of life's challenges and be on the way to making your weight loss permanent! 


That's why I offer the Start Strong 15 day Guarantee.

After the first 15 days you'll have compared your default and desired futures as well as received access to the first two modules. I believe you'll have a totally new perspective on the thoughts and feelings that have lead to your overeating and overdrinking so far. In addition, you'll have had the opportunity to get personal 1:1 coaching support from me, to have connected with the private Facebook community, and had two weeks of short daily practice exercises to kick-start your transformation.


If you've been watching the lessons and doing the work and you do not feel that you are on your way to eliminating the self-sabotage for good, then simply contact show me your completed worksheets, and I'll return your course fees in full. 

I created this course to help people like you get past the frustration and self-doubt so that you really can overcome the self-sabotage, achieve your goals and get on with your life. I want you to be totally confident in your decision to take action and get started today.

P.S.: Simply learning the simple concepts in this course and gently shifting your perspective can bring about a more positive, successful future. If you're serious about getting results though, there is a clear difference between those students who take action and those that don't. That's why I ask to see your work, and why I offer so much support to help you integrate the skills into your daily life. It is in the practice that transformation occurs. 

Enrol in Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss today

and get...

  • Instant access to the Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss course (value $1000)

    5 weekly video lessons plus the accompanying workbooks and support to help you integrate the lessons into your daily life.

    • Stop feeling frustrated and angry (that you're undermining your success) and develop the confidence and capability to handle any challenge that comes your way.
    • Have all of the tools you'll need to finally overcome the emotional overeating and overdrinking, reach your goals and get on with your life.
  • Private Facebook Group for Live More Life Coaching Clients (value $150)

    This is where you can interact with other students, sharing insights and ideas about the lessons, ask for help and celebrate triumphs as you see your habits change.

    • Daily Inspirational or thought provoking posts.
    • Motivational encouragement and support.
    • Insight and Inspiration from others who are undertaking this powerful transformation.
  • Weekly Live Q&A's (value $500)

    Each week I'll answer any questions and support you to implement the program into your life. If you've got a question, chances are someone else also has that question, so please ask. 

    • Complete hand-holding to walk you through every stage of the course - so you don't get stuck.
    • Get answers, and also hear questions from others, that shed light on your habits, choices and actions.
    • Get detailed feedback on homework/practice exercises.
  • BONUS: Fibre Facts - Nutrition Workshop (value $150)

    My consultant nutritionist will present a workshop on the importance of fibre for good digestive health (and the role that plays in our weight loss).

    • Learn how to get the right amount for you, and the best ways to get it.
    • What the benefits are for overall health and weight loss.
    • Get your nutrition questions answered PLUS downloadable delicious recipes.
  • 60 minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions (value $900)

    I'm here to support you all of the way through this course. So we'll schedule 6x 60 minute private coaching sessions with me (during my office hours - which includes evenings and weekends) to help you through any roadblock, clarify any questions you have or to workshop ideas for practical application of the course work.

    • Personalised support to ensure your Success.
    • Clarification of lessons, concepts and practice exercises.
    • Integrate the techniques into your life and circumstances.

When you add it all up that's a total value of $2700

(which is actually a small price to pay compared to the Lifetime benefit of overcoming emotional eating and drinking)


But because I'm passionate about helping people make this change, and I know what a HUGE difference it can make to the quality of your life, I want to welcome you to this course TODAY for this special price...


Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Overcome emotional eating and drinking and get off the weight loss roller coaster.


5 modules of training videos and workbooks

Personal 60 min 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Access to the private Facebook Group

Weekly Q&A's and email support

 $2700  $999

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Here's what other Students have asked before saying "Let's Do This !"

and my answers to these most common questions

Can I really change these habits?

How much time do I need to invest?

What if I'm already on (or not on) a Weight Loss Plan?

Is this a form of therapy?

Do I get all of the content at once?

How long will I have access?

What if I don't see any changes?

What if I need more support?

Stop Sabotaging Your Success

Is Perfect for You if...

  • You're just starting out on your Weight Loss Journey

    You absolutely want to nail it this time. This course will teach you how to get into the right head space, and stay there. Imagine if you can learn these techniques and then never Sabotage your Weight Loss again!

  • You're fed up with the Frustration, Anger and Disappointment.

    You're on a weight loss journey (still? again?) and over the endless cycle of starting out well and then going off track. You've had enough of the continual setbacks and re-starts. Instead you want to actually solve the real issue so you can stop sabotaging and get on with getting to goal.

  • Old habits are creeping back in

    You've made it to goal, or had success in the past, and now some old habits are starting to creep back in. Maybe portions are growing, unhealthy choices are increasing and your weight is starting to climb. You want to get it sorted now, so that you never have to go back to the old you (and end up having to lose it all over again). Let's stop sabotaging and make your weight loss permanent!

  • You're ready to Invest time into looking after yourself

    You know it's important. You need to do this for your health and your self-esteem - even if you can only manage a little time each day. You really are ready to show up, step into becoming the best version of yourself and solve this issue once and for all. 

  • You need help with Mindset

    Maybe you've signed up for a Weight Loss program, or gym membership or PT sessions. In any case, you know what to do and you're determined to Succeed. Maybe you've started making healthier food and activity choices (Bravo!). You just need help managing the challenging situations and the disruptive thoughts or emotions that derail your good intentions.This course is the missing piece of the puzzle, so that can complete your journey to goal and then sustain your weight loss for life. 

  • You've tried (and failed) to lose weight in the past and are sceptical about your ability to follow through

    You've tried to lose with so many different plans and diets that teach what  to do (which you probably already know knew anyway) but not how to do it when things get challenging. You know you need help managing those sabotaging moments so that you no longer go off track. You want the step-by-step process, the everyday routines and the extra support to transform those unhealthy habits for good.

  • You're ready to get on with the rest of your life

    You know that if you can get the self-sabotage under control you'll be able to finally get to your weight loss goal and keep it! You're excited by the prospect of getting this done and gaining the freedom to focus on other things in your life (knowing that your health and well-being is in order).

  • You're ready to embrace new self-confidence

    You're excited to get this new perspective on your thoughts and emotions. You want to learn how to manage them in a healthy way (so that you never have to resort to overeating and overdrinking again). You know that with these tools, and a little practice you'll have the confidence that comes from knowing that you can handle any challenging situation that comes your way. 

  • You know it's risk-free

    You're ready to grab your access details, knowing that you can learn the most powerful tool of the program in week 1 and have a fortnight to practice it and really start to see a change. You feel empowered to try out managing your sabotaging thoughts in a healthier way, knowing that you can always go back to what you've already been doing. If don't feel the course is for you in the first 15 days you can invoke my Start Strong Guarantee and get your course fees back. 

If any of this resonates with you, then I can't wait to welcome you to Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss and get you started !

See what some of my students have to say:

The system works!

I was lucky enough to be a part of Brian's course. Since the program I have reduced my weight every week. The weekly lessons helped me to answer those questions I didn't know I needed answering. Brian gave me the tools to put the brakes on the roller coaster ride I was on. I totally recommend Brian's Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss course.

Chris T

September 2018

It's so empowering!

Since doing this course, my weight is going down, and it's the happiest I've ever felt about my body.

Faizey G

September 2018.

I know I will never go back to how I was.

Because of what I've learned, and the changes I've experienced in just 5 weeks, I can see a clear path ahead to a new life with new habits that will serve me for the long term.

Judy R

April 2019

It is Amazing what I achieved in just 5 weeks.

The course fulfilled all your promises, and our 1:1 session and your personal support was particularly useful throughout the course. Although the course is aimed at weight loss, it improved other areas of my life too. I now have a much better understanding of my relationship with others, and how they enrich my life. Thank You Brian.

Jean B

August 2019.

I have made lots of simple changes I would never have thought of.

SSYWL helps you find out why you overeat, so you can change it. Brian is extremely helpful and you get so much more out of the course doing the homework. For me the most surprising result is that there can now be an open block of chocolate in the fridge for over a week (rather than it never even making the fridge in the first place).

Nigel W

August 2019


Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Overcome emotional eating and drinking and get off the weight loss roller coaster.


5 modules of training videos and workbooks

A personal 60 min 1:1 Coaching Session

Access to the private Facebook Group

Weekly Q&A's and email support

 $2700  $999

100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

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