You don't need another diet.

You don't need another exercise program.

You need new solutions to the real problems that have lead to your unhealthy habits.

(which, by the way, no one has ever taught you how to solve before)


You need new routines that you can actually live with.


and a new way of thinking.


So that you can get to goal... and stay there... while actually enjoying your life!

Transform your bad habits, and Live More Life.


So, if you're sick of starting over... or You're feeling Stuck in your Weight Loss? or...

You're riding the constant Roller Coaster on the scales? or... that You're falling back to old, unhealthy, unhelpful habits?

This is the program for you.

Is this YOU ?

  • You've tried all the diets

    You're sick of counting calories, cutting carbs, replacing meals and feeling know it's not sustainable. But you keep signing up to that next quick fix hoping that this time it will be different. This time you'll be more focused or disciplined.

  • You 'know what to do'

    You know you need to eat healthier and move more, yet you can't seem to make them lasting habits in your everyday life.


    You just haven't figured out how to stop reaching for that extra bite when you're already full, or how to stop stress-eating that bag of chips or how to relax at the end of the day without over-doing the drinks. (yes it's totally possible)

  • You'd like to be looking after yourself better

    Yes it'd be great to have some 'me time', but life is busy and you've got responsibilities and commitments (or ironically you have too much time on your hands so keep putting it off till 'later') and despite your best intentions or 'I'm doing it' resolutions, your health and wellbeing always ends up on the back-burner. 

  • Nothing fits comfortably

    or looks flattering. You've got a wardrobe of clothes you're hoping to get back into one day, Meanwhile you're exasperated at having nothing that you actually enjoy wearing - you know you have just those couple of 'I can get by with this' outfits.


    Really, you dread getting an invite to social events or needing to find an outfit. You're over shopping for plus sized fashion... and don't even want to think about getting back into your old jeans. 

  • You're tired all the time

    Everything always feels like it's too hard. So many things you used to enjoy now just feel like too much effort! Sure you'd like to do more of what you love, but you just don't have the time or the energy.

  • You're over it!

    It's all too hard. You start, you're good for a while, then you stop. You've failed to get there or keep it off, so many times in the past, so why bother?


    Because being unhappy with your weight is also hard. It wears away at your self-confidence and self-esteem.


    The thing is, diets and exercise plans routinely set you up for failure. They don't tell you how to change your old habits, nor integrate the healthy changes into your life, so you end up stressed, frustrated and bored. 

You feel powerless to change....and are probably left eating and drinking to feel 'better'.


Brian Grainger

and I know what that's like.

I've been there. That's how I used to be. 

For most of the first 30 years of my life I was overweight (technically obese), unhappy and beating myself up over my lack of 'willpower'.

That's before I realised that the diets and exercise plans don't actually teach you to solve the real problem

They teach you what to eat or how to move... but not... 

WHY you make unhealthy choices

WHY you don't follow through or stick to it, or 

HOW to retrain those unhealthy habits into new ones you can actually LIVE.

It's treating the symptom rather than the cause (a bit like continually prescribing pain relief for a broken bone) 

I teach you how to discover and solve those real underlying issues. I help you implement the changes YOU want.

I've lost 50 kg (over 110 lbs)

and have maintained it for over 12 years.

Imagine what it would be like if...

You no longer needed to Overeat. Ever.

You know how to enjoy any food in a healthy balance.

You never feel like you're missing out or that you have to restrict.

You actually LOVE food and movement (yes really).

You could lose weight and sustain your goal weight with ease.

You could stop worrying, stressing or obsessing about your weight and just get on with Living Your Life.

I've learned how to take charge of (and change) my habits. I've created a life where I no longer worry about my weight.


I've lost 50 kg (over 110 lbs) and have maintained it for over 12 years.

Since 2008 I've helped thousands of people make healthy changes to their habits, improve the quality of their life and achieve their goals.

Now I want to help you, so that you too can lose weight, keep it off and Live More Life.

Here's what some of my clients say...

Brian is extremely helpful. I have made lots of simple changes that I would never have thought of a month ago

Nigel Wallis

Hi Brian - I love watching your videos - they are enough to keep me on track when I falter a little - the one the other day about "boredom and stress eating" was particularly close to home.

Tracey Zahner

I have had the pleasure of receiving coaching by Brian and can honestly say the quality of what he offers, and the power of how he deep dives into mindsets has already brought positive results in both my weight loss and my thinking. I cannot recommend Brian enough.

Tiffany Wann

Founder & Director

Outstanding Women Leaders

I originally came to you to help with weight loss, but I came to realise what I really needed was (a lot of) help with my mental state. In the time we’ve been working together I’ve grown so much, and am endlessly grateful for the much more enjoyable life I’m now living.

Sally Gamer

Product Architect

Easy Roommate

Join the

Solve the Real issue and transform your habits, so you can live your life in a healthy balance,

and never worry about your weight again.

  • Go from frustrated, trapped and powerless to Calm, Free and In-Control.

    You really can take charge of your habits and make sustainable changes that become a way of life.

  • Stop unhealthy binging and restricting and Start loving what you eat

    and eating what you love. Have everything in a healthy balance.

  • Go from avoiding or hating the mirror to Loving what you see and Loving who you are.

    This also applies to photos, to social events and to clothes shopping. make changes so you never dread them again.

  • Switch from overburdened and over it to Bring It On!

    Knowing that you can handle anything that comes your way.

Some of the training included in the Live More Life Method...

  • How habits form

    Understand how you've created your current unhealthy habits. I show you how to take ownership of your choices and recognise that you already have the skills you need to create new healthier habits. We'll break each one down into simple, actionable and live-able steps so that you can make the new habits a way of life.

  • Observing your thinking

    Understand what's really driving your actions. Step back into your power and learn to make purposeful, empowered decisions. No more guessing why 'it's not working' or wondering why you 'can't stick to it'. Instead you'll use powerful new thinking techniques to (1) make it easy and (2) make meaningful, lasting changes.

  • Planning for Success

    Remove decision fatigue and reliance on willpower. Stop dieting. Instead you'll learn how to have anything in a healthy balance and to know what you're going to have ahead of time. You discover the joy of looking forward to your food choices and enjoying them in retrospect.

  • Listening to your hunger (and responding appropriately)

    How to tune in so that you can stop overeating. You'll no longer need to binge or restrict. You'll learn to identify when you're truly hungry and when you're comfortably satisfied (and how to stop there). You'll discover all of the non-hunger reasons you're eating.

  • Processing emotions healthily

    Understanding this will remove the need to buffer, distract or medicate with food. This is what the diets don't teach you - what to do when you don't 'feel like' being healthy. When you're tired, or stressed or you just can't be bothered. You'll find healthy new solutions and develop responses, so that food ins't the automatic, mindless reaction.

  • Loving Yourself

    Connect with your desire to look after and care for yourself, so that you naturally make healthier, wiser choices. You'll break the cycle of self-sabotage and stop harming yourself with food. Develop more compassion, more gratitude while increasing your energy and vitality.

The right support makes all the difference.


You've tried doing it on your own - and if that had worked you'd be comfortably living life at goal right now.



So, here's the support you get to make sure you keep making progress towards your healthy life at goal.

1:1 Coaching

10 x 60 min personal calls.


I work closely with you to help you solve your specific challenges.


I help you implement your personal solutions into your life.


I hold you accountable for your actions (which, by the way, will be realistic and liveable - no more setting yourself up for failure with unrealistic goals)

Group Coaching

Weekly live training and Q&A calls.


Get clear on the fundamental tools for success, and how to make them work for you. 


Know exactly what to work on first, and next, every step of the way.


Practical advice for how to live healthier no matter what's going on in your life.

Community Support

Private Client-Only Facebook Group

An instant support network of like-minded people who are all working towards the same outcomes.


Daily inspirational videos and posts to keep you motivated and on track.


Ask questions, get help with challenges and share tips.


Celebrate your wins. 

Office Hours Coaching 

Bonus 20 minute on-demand coaching calls


Extra accountability,


Motivational 'top-ups'


Support to deal with any challenge.


No more 'guess work' or getting stuck trying to figure it out on your own. (You've tried that already right?)


No one is left behind.


Solve the Real issue.

Transform your habits.

Get into a healthy balance.

Never worry about your weight again.



Are you ready to Live More Life?


I am committed to your success. If you're ready to get this solved, I'm ready to help you.


Of course, I can't do it for you - ultimately you'll be responsible for your success - but I can promise you this -> If you join, if you show up and do the work, if you make each step easy and doable, if you're kind and compassionate to yourself, if you reach out for help when you need it, then you will Succeed.


I know what it's like. I've been there. I know the way forward. I'm ready to help you Live More Life at goal. Are you ready? 

Got Questions? 

Not sure if the program is right for you? Book a call >> here << and let's talk about it. I want your story to be a success story, so let's get clear and decide if this is or isn't the program for you. (If you're not a good fit I'll tell you).

Frequently asked Questions: Before they join my clients often say...


This is more expensive than "XYZ" diet, weight loss or exercise program

I don’t have time

I'm not sure this will work for me

I don't know if I’m ready

How is this different from yet another diet or exercise plan

Still not sure? Book a call >> here << and let's talk through your concerns. I'll tell you if I think you're a good fit for  the program or not. If not, I'll offer you some tips to keep moving forward on your own.


If you are ready, what are you waiting for.... Let's get started.